Monday, February 22, 2010

Ulta Limelight and a bonus Konad

I redeemed my reward certificate from Ulta today and snagged a few polishes; one of which is a newly released shade of green called Limelight. This polish was surprisingly thick (unlike other Ulta polishes I've purchased), almost a little gloopy. Usually, I take a moment to check the tightness on a cap before I purchase a polish, just to make sure someone before me didn't test the sucker and not screw the cap on back tightly thus causing the polish to get thick. I suspect that's exactly what happened, because there is a bit of polish buildup around the bottle's neck, so I'm going to take a little thinner to it the next time I use it.

Anyway, this color is a yellow-leaning mossy green; very streaky and nasty first coat, evens itself out with the second coat, and becomes opaque with a third coat. This photo was taken in natural indirect direct sunlight could be found!

Breaking out the Konad, I decided not to reach for my two favorite Konading polishes (China Glaze Millenium and 2030), and instead chose to try two others. First up is Limelight with Essie Mint Candy Apple and a design from plate M65 for an art deco kind of look.

For a more subtle, tone-on-tone kind of look, I used Pure Ice Wild Thing over Limelight (note: Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Ivy League stamped identically on this color, so if you plan to try this, you can use this to replace Wild Thing).

I'm not sure if I could keep either of these on my fingers for longer than a day...


pryncss said...

I like the latter of the two better, but i'm not a big fan of that underlying green... st patty's day maybe??

Heidi said...

Yeah, I'm not feeling a lot of love for it either. Maybe I'll try dressing it up with some glitter polish.

susies1955 said...

I love the green and the Konading,