Thursday, February 25, 2010

China Glaze FYI (not so) holographic polish

Pryncss has been wanting to see some of my new NP haul and FYI was the one she most wanted to see. It's a subtle, nudish taupe/beige with a hint of holographic shimmer. This isn't quite what I expected it to be (I expected the color to be a little deeper, richer maybe).

First pic, taken in a shady area:

Next up, a couple of pics taken in full sun:

When I first put this on, I wanted to cry out of sheer boredom, but I have to say I'm liking it a little bit more. I can see where this might be a good polish to have in your stash if you have to play a little on the conservative side of the nail polish spectrum. What are your thoughts?


pryncss said...

I do, actually, kind of like it :) More so in the full sun! It's not as loud as I usually prefer, but pretty in a conservative sort of way...

Heidi said...

It really is just another nude polish in indirect light, but is actually kind of pretty in the sun. I don't think I'd wear it often (but come on, what single polish *do* I wear "often"), but it would be nice on occasion.