Sunday, February 28, 2010

China Glaze Free Love (and Konad)

This is a color I picked up on clearance at Sally Beauty Supply for a big 99 cents. Even with its tiny price tag, I must have picked it up and put it down about 12 times before I finally reminded myself that it was only 99 cents. I was really concerned that I would hate this color, but it turns out to be quite the opposite...I LOVE this color!

Free Love is/was part of the Retro Diva collection released last year and it's a bold burnt orange shimmer that makes it look like it's somehow lit from within. I find this color extremely pretty.

First picture is in natural indirect light; second picture in full, glorious sunshine!

Since I'm starting a new job tomorrow (yay...GO ME!), I wanted to have kind of a snazzy first-day manicure and decided to do a little Konading (like I need a reason to Konad). Since I didn't want to have a halloween/fall look, nor did I want to have a NY Mets look (that will come later), I chose the only other option that I could think of: white. I also chose the paisley pattern from plate m64.

Here she is in indirect natural light, and in direct sunlight.

Kind of reminds me a bit of a Creamsicle. I'm hungry. Pardon me while I have a snack...


pryncss said...

I Love it!! I think it looks great on you! And, the white Konad is perfect!! Good Luck tomorrow!!!!

Heidi said...

Thank you, and thank you! Love ya!