Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sinful Colors Swatches and Review

My friend Amy (Hi Amy!) was at Walgreens yesterday when the giant, shiny Sinful Colors display got her attention. (I know it grabs my attention every time I go in...even when I'm not looking for polish.) She called me to ask me what I knew about the brand. Being slightly opportunistic, I decided to turn this question into a blog post. Here is a picture of the four Sinful Colors polishes that I currently own. From left to right are: UFO, Show Me The Way, Call You Later, and Frenzy. (UFO is a little washed out in this photo; the second photo represents its color much more accurately.)

The following picture goes like this, and none have topcoat:
Thumb: 2 coats of Call You Later
Index: 4 coats of Frenzy (to save all from seeing my stained nails)
Middle: 1 coat of Call You Later over 2 coats of Show Me The Way
Ring: 2 coats of Show Me The Way
Pinkie: 2 coats of UFO

Application is easy and drying time is pretty fast, and IMO they compete quite well with polishes of much higher price brackets. I've never worn them for long periods of time, (it's unusual for me to wear the same polish for three days) so I can't talk much about longevity, though. With a wide range of colors and finishes, it's an inexpensive indulgence that you won't feel bad about later...enjoy!


Casmira said...

This is great!! yeah....thanks for getting me all addicted to looking for deals on nail polish by the way. I'm going to kick your pretty painted nails behind :)


Heidi said...

(laughing) Happy to help in any way I can! Right now I'm going to celebrate my new job AND my first comment!

Casmira said...