Monday, March 22, 2010

China Glaze DV8 (and a Red Sox mani fail)

This collection was introduced by China Glaze quite some time ago, but I just got my first ChG holographic polishes about a month ago. I was somewhat disappoited by the first two I tried (FYI and TMI), so I wasn't in any special hurry to give this one a go.

Last night I was a little undecided about today's mani, and I pulled DV8 from the bin. I've got to say I'm sorry I waited so long to check it out; I LOVE this one.

In regular lighting, it's what I was hoping O.P.I.'s Suzi Says Feng Shui was going to be; a lightly dusty blue. Here it is, in natural lighting, but not direct light.

In direct lighting, especially sunlight, this polish becomes absolutely stunning. My pics really don't do it justice, but they're the best I got, so here goes. All taken in various degrees of sunlight.

What can I say, other than I absolutely adore this polish.

And for a good laugh, here's a mani I *actually* wore to a Red Sox game yesterday. I'll give myself an "A" for "Intent to display team spirit", but I think it's a giant fail for execution of said effort.

A bit much, huh?


pryncss said...

Love the china glaze.... Red sox epic fail.. Not so much, lol!! U need ( if u don't already have them) letter plates for the konad!!

Heidi said...

(laughing) I definitely need a better way of showing support for the BoSox!