Monday, June 7, 2010

sally hansen perfect pair :)

Sooo... my aunt had sent me Sally Hansen's HD "DVD", and at a first glance, I LOVED IT!! But, when I tried it on, it was a little disappointing due to it being very sheer. So, I was picking through my polishes, looking for one to layer it over, and I came across SH Intsta dri in "Grape Going".. They are the same color, from the purple base to the teal/blue flash!! The difference being that DVD is more sheer, and has larger glitter, whereas the insta dri has a smaller glitter for that beautiful flash! i didn't take any pics of them apart, but I do have 2 of them layered on my hands... here they are!

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Ashley A. said...

Ahhh! I've been picking up Grape Going and putting it back on the shelf the past three times I went to the store, and now I have a reason to pick it up! It looks so pretty with DVD!