Friday, June 4, 2010

bling entry

Here is our bling entry to the "bling" challenge at
I love the themed challenges...and so does my little eight year old step-daughter!!

Here is my step-daughters design:

we are both wearing pure ice in black, i forget the color name now, its the same one i used for my water marble epic fail i think. and then i used my gold and silver color club glitter striper polishes, and some chunky glitter and some rhinestones i've had for years... it was fun though, all topped off with a billion coats of seche vite!! Hehehe.. ok ok, just 3 :)


Spaceinvaders said...

Pretty! How cute that you did your daughter's nails as well :)

pryncss said...

I can't take ALL the credit, she did her own!! she LOVES the whole blogging thing!! Thanks for commenting :D

Heidi said...

When I think of your nails, I always see neons or's nice to see you rock a little black!