Monday, May 17, 2010

China Glaze Thunderbird

I'm such a sucker for red polishes, and late last year, when I was going through Scrangie's archives and saw her picture of this polish, I knew I had to have one for my very own. Here she is, China Glaze Thunderbird, from last year's Retro Diva collection:

What I love most about this color is how it changes under different light scenarios. The above photo is in indirect natural light, below is direct sunlight.

I tried, but I couldn't capture a photo of when I think this polish is absolutely at it's best, and that's at night under artificial light. It definitely looks like it's on fire; it is so stunning! If you're a red polish lover like me (I know, we're in the minority!), you absolutely must get your hands on a bottle of this!

Oh, and for my favorite pryncss, look at what I have for YOU!

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pryncss said...

OOOooooohhhh....OOOOooooohhhh....for moi??? :D Yay!! Thank you auntie!!! I do, actually like the thunderbird too by the way... that color is very thunderbird-ish...